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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Last day of the show but here are three stands to visit you may miss if you happen to be at IPEX.

Sansui Software (Hall 5 Stand 555) offer several innovative products for integrated print and web publishing. The background knowledge seems to be how to use XML and plug-ins for Quark and InDesign. They support both Mac and Windows. One of their projects has been to write forms design software for Ascent (Hall 4 stand 222) as a plug-in for InDesign. PDF is part of the workflow and you can gather the speed differences in PDF creation given a choice of InDesign or Quark.

Founder Electronics (Hall 4, Stand 739) are at IPEX for the first time. Based at Peking University they fully support Postscript Level 3. ElecRoc provides an open JDF-based workflow and consists of four key technologies: JDF, XML database, PDF, and the Internet. Founder Electronics is a member of CIP4. Weisman Jia Wenhua, General Manager of the International Business Division, said "We hope that IPEX will introduce our high quality software to a broad range of pre-press and printing companies as well as help us forge long-term business partner relationships".

IBM (Hall 5 Stand 181) seems to have been overlooked in the attention paid to colour digital printing from Heidelberg, Xerox and HP. They are turning out black on white books very effectively. The covers and the random halftones are all the same but the contents vary so check carefully in case there is one you'd like. They also offer a Job Ticket plugin for Acrobat which saves as a .JDF file.

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