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Monday, September 28, 2009

ipex5 lcc shows print as part of communication

sometime around 2010 it will become clear why the LCC is not called the LC Print.

IPEX could be a time to write about this again

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IPEX4 inkjet targets runs of 2000

Will wait on guidance from other blogs such as Andy Tribute

There will be a result out of actual working machines. My guess is that 2000 will be the run claimed by inkjet so the litho response will be interesting.

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ipex3 premedia redefined by journalists

Checking out premedia section to study what the word means. Can text be published directly to web and devices as well as a print workflow?

Could start with looking at Haymarket and Guardian group as publishers. There is a mismatch sometimes between what they write and what they are doing. Guardian writes not much on print technology, as if it has always been there and nothing much happens. But they did spend £500m on manroland kit. Not many UK orders in 2010?

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ipex2-Adobe not really there

Guess is that #Adobe will not have a stand/booth but will just show through PDF Print Engine OEMs. Implication that Adobe Classic is over as a marketing message. Based on impression of Print09Chicago.

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IPEX#1 Heidelberg litho for short runs

Draft first story from IPEX 2010, also a test of time travel.

Early press conference will cover comparison with digital, such as inkjet.

See previous story from Total Print Expo 2008

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