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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adobe announce version 2.5 of the PDF Print Engine. Found this report from Wide Format Imaging. There is no hard copy at the moment in the IPEX press area. But there was a presentation at the FujiFilm stand yesterday and some hard copy is expected for today. Later there will be some detail in this blog. But first impression is that the Adobe push on PDF could be stronger.

So far the London College of Communication has not turned up. Not sure why but it may be to do with the new structure. The name changed to leave out the word "print" and now the idea of "print and publishing" has gone into "design" and "media". How will this work? It will be presented somewhere sometime so when this makes sense it will probably help to make sense of IPEX.

Kodak gave away a video camera to the press as part of their links to social media. I tried it out before reading the book so was unaware there was a zoom. Also there is a focus switch for closeups that I somehow turned on. So yesterday may not turn out too well. Today could be better, still some space left.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Press web access now working. So far much as expected. Adobe do not have a stand but there is a full page ad in the show guide with a link to the website. There will be a speaker on the Adobe PDF Print Engine on the FujiFilm stand, maybe other places as well. But nothing on Creative Suite. I think the compositing / page design aspects are much reduced. There is a lot on colour control, remote proofing etc. but the PDF files seem to have been supplied from somewhere else. More later.

The FujiFilm Inkjet was delayed slightly by trouble with fuses but it is working ok. Heidelberg now recognise there is a place for digital, they still talk of an offer sometime this year. No details of which company they will work with but Xerox have a stand in the next space. Previously Heidelberg have always taken up a complete hall.

Digital is very strong. The Weatherspoons is about on the border where the emphasis is on mechanical engineering. The coffee shops in this area have yet to open as of 8.25 local time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Draft story for OhmyNews

Starts with Adobe, later what is pre-media?