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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My collection of video as Magnify - Printshow has been updated for FESPA. Here is a sample from Amsterdam last year

There are still a lot of clips I made from IPEX but this Magnify approach is working ok. It is fairly automatic based on keyword searching. But I do delete stuff and will add more for FESPA.

The print industry is making good use of social media, including video. This is good for the culture.

Monday, June 14, 2010

OhmyNews have not yet edited my stories on IPEX so here are links. I am exploring Exeter this week as a site for social media so need a place to show where the info is. I think IPEX 2010 made a lot of progress so there could be several connections in Exeter. Continues on blog for WiFi Exeter.

By the way, I have started a Posterous blog to collect brief links to most of what I write. It is an extension of email I think. So it may be briefer than some blog posts but there is more space than Twitter.

Print Show Zooms Social Media

Xerox Tips IPEX Digital Solutions Past Heidelberg

Adobe Classic Completes Messaging to IPEX

Also video on my YouTube channel