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Monday, May 21, 2012

Barney Cox interview, but where is Printweek video?

This is an interesting video. Excellent explanation on where Landa technology is heading. But it is branded as "Beyond Print" , presumably this is ok with eh drupa red sofa authorities. I think this is Barney Cox though. He is editor for Printweek, published by Haymarket in the UK. It appears that video on the Printweek website is mostly from 2011 When I was at IPEX in 2010 there was a lot of video and Printweek joined in. If magazines are gradually moving into tablets and other mobile devices then I think they will need some video in the mix. Looking on YouTube finds some WhatTheyThink but mostly video is on their own site. It can come from companies they interview. But I wonder where Haymarket is heading on the video front.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Apple and Adobe definitely not at drupa 2012 , at least so far #drupa

Beginning the second week of drupa ( yesterday was a rest day here in the UK ) theere is much to add to the drupa blog - - about nanotechnology and augmented reality. But this is the spot to comment again about Apple and Adobe. I think it may have been at a drupa that Apple did not turn up. But I think some local dealers arranged a meeting of some kind. Adobe at IPEX 2010 was more or less not there in terms of booking space. There were some presentations on other stands. But the news item I reported was that John Warnock and Charles Geschke were noted as champions of print but chose not to attend. My conclusion is that for Adobe in recent years Postscript and PDF is just not that interesting. John Warnock was in the UK later in the year for an honorary degree when I think most of his talk to students was about Flash. Using Google search I still find just Datalogics when looking for Adobe at drupa. But what is more striking is the result for "drupa, Apple" -
“We are particularly proud of a 100-page coffee-table books sponsored by the classic sports car company Jaguar Eagle Speedster,” says Heather. “No ordinary book, the imagery includes candy apple red with high gloss and they are printed on the Pro C901 using a water-color fine-art paper and finished off-line.”
This is from a story about Ricoh and how to design print samples. The word apple is in there but if the company is anywhere near drupa it has not reached blogsearch at this time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Continues on drupa 2008 #VIDEOdrupa

This blog will be updated over the next few weeks. But mostly there will be new comment on the drupa 2008 blog. No reason to change the titles just because of which year we are in. By the way, the WhatTheyThink videos from drupa are public on YouTube, not restricted to subscribers. They may be very close to drupa as editorial policy but this may not make much difference. Seems fair and balanced so far.