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Monday, January 11, 2010

Trade Show in Web Context (part two)

On my blog about reading the Guardian I have concluded that the Media page has it about right for last week. The Microsoft keynote at the Consumer Electronics show was not the main event. Google phone captured mindshare perhaps because the cloud apps that already exist make it easier to understand. Apple speculation continues.

Meanwhile the printed version of Printweek has not got the website news about Positive Focus. If the web story about liquidation is true I think this is alarming for the UK print industry so close to IPEX. If there is not an effective demand for workflow and web software what else is going to happen? Another comment by Kelvin Bell from vpress suggests that web software companies do not need to be there. The point is they can explain the offer online. Apple were not at drupa. No sign of Adobe on the floorplan so far. There is an online context for trade shows, however large they are.

Also time travel seems to be in order. The next CES exists as Twitter. IPEX has effectively started.