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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Green Printing (Repost)

“Green” Printing and Recycling Techniques and Tips (via THE Tech Scoop)

Almost everything involved with printing in the 21st century can be transformed to fit the green revolution from recycled paper and ink to carbon neutral shipping. Organic materials for inks such as soy and vegetable are starting to achieve acceptance…

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haymarket hangs on to hard copy Printweek in India

I am a bit late with this news. Haymarket has sold the UK apsect of Printweek to the Mark Allen Group. I had thought they might take it online but instead the new direction is as a fortnightly. My first impression is that the new context is not as web friendly as much of Haymarket. There is a significant base in journals. But it seems the website will continue. The Indian version of Printweek however stays with Haymarket. This may because they see a longer term future for print until bandwidth catches up. Not sure if they have a title about mobile devices. Printweek started in 1958 according to the Printweek India website. So it must have been fairly central to Haymarket at the time. At first it was called Lithoweek, then litho became assumed. According to the Wikipedia "Haymarket Publishing , due to its growing presence in online media and live events, was rebranded as Haymarket Media Group in 2007". Without Printweek as a UK brand the London offices will presumably continue to move online and adjust their editorial views on the future of print. But not in India. Even though they know more than most about how to format an e book , there is still a future for print. If you have half an hour listen to Mark Coles on newspapers, part of a series on media. Scroll down to 11th June. What will this mean for IPEX 2014 ? London media conversation is moving towards Cross Media though print is still part of this. The global aspect will be more interesting than ever. Some reason must be on offer not to wait for a print show in Mumbai.

3D Printshow, my comment on Repost

Previous post selected from suggested links sent to me as email. I guess as long as the right words are in this blog then the relevant news will turn up. The 3D shows are in different places but before March next year so part of the approach to IPEX. So the time aspect makes sense if you think that IPEX has started. Here in Exeter we have already had several 3D items and one complete show as art in the Phoenix Arts Centre. On the Wild Show, Phonic FM, we have had guests explaining the technology including scanning objects. So we will probably come back to this. The hellospidersblog may go off topic in IPEX terms. One idea is to scan the Colston Hall in Bristol and move a scale clone to Exeter bus station. Anyway back to Repost. This is working ok.
3D Printshow Giving Free 3D Printers to Schools at Shows in London, Paris and New York (via PR Newswire)

Download image Download image 3D Printshow represents a new approach to tech shows. Blending technology, art, design and medical applications with a live show that features music and fashion, it gives visitors a glimpse of the future where 3D printing…

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Repost, translation of Konica Minolta, seems to be about measuring colour in 3D

More comment about this on Hello Spiders dotcom. The post from repost worked ok unless you don't understand Spanish. I got an email this morning with suggestions based on the content of the two blogs I have linked to Repost, this one and Hello Spiders. So spiders, listen up. This is ok. Konica Minolta will definitely be at IPEX 2014. This news is definitely Cross Media. Search on terms related to Cross Media also welcome. Not sure if the spiders respond to bold type. Thanks to Google for the translation - Konica Minolta Sensing has added new marketing channels to attract industry manufacturers in Latin America Ingenious marketing messages dynamically through monthly newsletter, blog and social networks. RAMSEY, NJ, June 18, 2013 / PRNewswire / - Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA), the worldwide leader in the industrial measurement of color, light and 3D shape, launches the first edition of its newsletter, Color Trends and Technology, designed for subscribers to stay abreast of the latest news, events and industry information in Portuguese and Spanish. The launch of the newsletters is a result of launching websites in Portuguese and Spanish versions, clearly showing the commitment of Konica Minolta Sensing with the Latin American region. According to Darlene Giordano, Marketing Manager at Konica Minolta Sensing, "We want to provide educational resources to help our clients make better, more informed decisions. Understanding, evaluating and communicating color allows our customers make decisions to become more successful . This is the aim of our newsletter ". In an effort to keep the newsletter interesting and attractive, the company invites them to give their opinions and comments via direct solicitation of color experts via email. Konica Minolta Sensing is further expanding its educational initiative to debut simultaneously expert blogs, color theory workshops throughout Brazil and Mexico and new pages on social networks like Facebook. Due to the fact that Latin American users spend more time on social networks ahead of Europe and North America, the company hopes to use Facebook as an additional means to educate, interact and attract more followers through regular communication and constant updates. The combined efforts of marketing serve the growing need for color measurement technology and software solutions in Latin American countries, where key industries, such as food, plastics and paints are continually growing. The main spectrophotometers, spectroradiometers and illuminance meters Konica Minolta, are configurable with custom screens, fields and software suitable for Spanish and Portuguese languages. To keep in touch with Konica Minolta Sensing subscribe to the monthly newsletter Color Trends and Technology or the Facebook page, just by following the links and filling the required information. About Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA), wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Holdings USA, Inc., is recognized as the international leader of industrial color, light and form. The company is responsible for product lines that continuously revolutionize the way how visual perception is measured by the world. An industry pioneer and innovator, Konica Minolta Sensing developed and introduced the first portable color measurement for the world. Currently, the catalog contains instruments such as portable colorimeters as well as portable and desktop spectrophotometers for color measurement, spectroradiometers and lux meters for light measurement / displays and 3D non-contact scanners for shape measurement. Thousands of companies around the world choose Konica Minolta Sensing equipment when color, light or 3D measurement is vital to the manufacturing process. The Konica Minolta Sensing products can be found in a wide range of industries including food, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive, aerospace and cosmetics The Konica Minolta Sensing corporate headquarters in New Jersey Ramsey is fully equipped with modern service center, 3D scanning laboratory, tech support center and sales force dedicated to both the regions of North and South America. When it comes to the measurement of color, light and form - the world looks to Konica Minolta. Darlene Giordano Marketing Manager Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.
Konica Minolta Sensing ha añadido nuevos Canales de comercialización para atraer a fabricantes de la industria de América Latina (via PR Newswire)

Mensajes ingeniosos de marketing de forma dinámica a través de boletín electrónico mensual, blog y redes sociales. RAMSEY, Nueva Jersey, 18 de junio de 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA), el líder mundial en la medici…

Monday, June 24, 2013

Test Repost

Eolectric Club y Fiera Axium anuncian el cierre de la financiación del parque eólico Vents du Kempt (via PR Newswire)

BROSSARD, Quebec, 10 de junio de 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Eolectric Club, L.P. y Fiera Axium Infrastructure Canada Limited Partnership se complacen en anunciar que el proyecto del parque eólico Vents du Kempt ha logrado cerrar el financiamiento de su deuda principal provista por los  coestructuradores…

Updating this blog for 2014 , reposting stuff, scope of Cross Media

Jeff Jarvis on Buzzmachine has done a demo of how to use Repost so I am trying it out. The instructions for Squarespace are a bit confusing so I am concentrating on Blogger for now. ( has a wide scope)

This blog continues as IPEX 2002 which may be a decade or so too late, or may be a year too soon. I still think things are moving quickly. Also the IPEX event is getting significant not just for the companies that will be there but also for the ones that won't. Apple and Adobe seem a good place to start. More later.

Meanwhile I am exploring Exeter and city walks. see hello spiders for updates. I hope to document a walk from King's Cross to Islington Green to the Olymic Site then to ExCEL. Mostly by canal or river. The final bit is still vague. It may be just imagined in Exeter at the moment. Getting from King's Cross to Islington Green is clear enough so no problems before the Cross Media event. ( apart from how to link to the Elephant and Castle. Not sure of the dates for the LCC Futures )

So next post, plan A is to link to other sources.

Scope of Cross Media just the same as IPEX but at another time, to be determined.