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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3D Printshow, my comment on Repost

Previous post selected from suggested links sent to me as email. I guess as long as the right words are in this blog then the relevant news will turn up. The 3D shows are in different places but before March next year so part of the approach to IPEX. So the time aspect makes sense if you think that IPEX has started. Here in Exeter we have already had several 3D items and one complete show as art in the Phoenix Arts Centre. On the Wild Show, Phonic FM, we have had guests explaining the technology including scanning objects. So we will probably come back to this. The hellospidersblog may go off topic in IPEX terms. One idea is to scan the Colston Hall in Bristol and move a scale clone to Exeter bus station. Anyway back to Repost. This is working ok.

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