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Monday, June 24, 2013

Updating this blog for 2014 , reposting stuff, scope of Cross Media

Jeff Jarvis on Buzzmachine has done a demo of how to use Repost so I am trying it out. The instructions for Squarespace are a bit confusing so I am concentrating on Blogger for now. ( has a wide scope)

This blog continues as IPEX 2002 which may be a decade or so too late, or may be a year too soon. I still think things are moving quickly. Also the IPEX event is getting significant not just for the companies that will be there but also for the ones that won't. Apple and Adobe seem a good place to start. More later.

Meanwhile I am exploring Exeter and city walks. see hello spiders for updates. I hope to document a walk from King's Cross to Islington Green to the Olymic Site then to ExCEL. Mostly by canal or river. The final bit is still vague. It may be just imagined in Exeter at the moment. Getting from King's Cross to Islington Green is clear enough so no problems before the Cross Media event. ( apart from how to link to the Elephant and Castle. Not sure of the dates for the LCC Futures )

So next post, plan A is to link to other sources.

Scope of Cross Media just the same as IPEX but at another time, to be determined.

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