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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Haymarket hangs on to hard copy Printweek in India

I am a bit late with this news. Haymarket has sold the UK apsect of Printweek to the Mark Allen Group. I had thought they might take it online but instead the new direction is as a fortnightly. My first impression is that the new context is not as web friendly as much of Haymarket. There is a significant base in journals. But it seems the website will continue. The Indian version of Printweek however stays with Haymarket. This may because they see a longer term future for print until bandwidth catches up. Not sure if they have a title about mobile devices. Printweek started in 1958 according to the Printweek India website. So it must have been fairly central to Haymarket at the time. At first it was called Lithoweek, then litho became assumed. According to the Wikipedia "Haymarket Publishing , due to its growing presence in online media and live events, was rebranded as Haymarket Media Group in 2007". Without Printweek as a UK brand the London offices will presumably continue to move online and adjust their editorial views on the future of print. But not in India. Even though they know more than most about how to format an e book , there is still a future for print. If you have half an hour listen to Mark Coles on newspapers, part of a series on media. Scroll down to 11th June. What will this mean for IPEX 2014 ? London media conversation is moving towards Cross Media though print is still part of this. The global aspect will be more interesting than ever. Some reason must be on offer not to wait for a print show in Mumbai.

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