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Thursday, April 18, 2002

On Wednesday I finally got round to spending time at the Cross Media Theatre. Unfortunately the BT speaker was ill so it turned out to be non-stop Adobe. The carrier bag featured hard copy on InDesign, a special from Macworld and Digit. However much 'broadband' had featured on other days, Adobe appeared to be concentrating on strengths relevant for the show. Sessions on Photoshop or Illustrator seemed to come back to integration with InDesign. There was much confidence that people now have a choice for page makeup. We were even invited to visit the Quark stand provided our first question was about tables. There were no suggestions that there would be a problem in Quark with placing PDF or creating PDF so presumably no such problems exist.

Attention was drawn to a Macworld article on typography-
"The art of good typography waned when DTP took over from typesetters, and it has taken more than a decade to recover. Now that the industry has learnt how to 'do it yourself', it's time to relearn how to 'do it right'."

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