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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The Seybold event is settling into some sort of perspective now that I am finding other sources of information through the web and magazines. It seems that Adobe are being quite selective in where they promote the new server software. an article on PDFzone comments on their lack of presence at eGOV in Washington. Meanwhile they have attended a SAP conference so presumably this is the sort of environment where the pricing makes sense. The US Army have made extensive use of PDF for forms.

Maybe there will be more to say by the time of Seybold San Francisco. For example, is Transit to be updated or publicised? I would suggest the order of events happens in reverse to the sequence in Amsterdam. Start with a panel discussion on whehter the server software is on a pricing level that any normal person could consider. Allow time to study the Adobe website if there is no other source of product detail. Then discuss with CIP4 members if the XML job ticket information could be part of the PDF or somewhere else. Then ask the Gilbane content management discussion to cover this as another example of what they are looking at. If this order can't fit with the schedule, maybe something can develop online meanwhile.

Printweek reported the Amsterdam JDF discussion at great length (June 19th) and supported the idea in an editorial. It has become clear that the Seybold move to Europe has connected with European interest in hard copy. The next Seybold Amsterdam in April 2004 will be just ahead of DRUPA so more will be known on how JDF is likely to be implemented. this blog will resume around the time of events but the issues will also be reflected in websites that are updated more slowly.

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If you're not convinced about JDF / PDF by now, you have at least two more chances before 2004.

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