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Thursday, June 05, 2003

This is a test to check if this blog resource is still working.

Next week I am lucky enough to be going to a Seybold Seminar in Amsterdam. This seems to me to be a major event. The Seybold content is concentrating on some hard copy issues that make sense in Europe. There will still be some internet coverage and presumably a wider scope in San Francisco later.

My own opinion is that PDF should have a basis in hard copy and that it is worth spending time on this. There seems a good chance that Seybold will repeat this event in future years. More UK attention would be useful. The print media have not given much of a buildup. Maybe there will be enough reporting to build a bigger audience for next time.

This blog will stay as IPEX 2002, though covering Seybold and DRUPA. The idea of 'Watford' as a destination for UK print will only come about as part of a European discussion. Quite what IPEX 2006 will be like remains to be seen. The organisers are now also working on a London digital show for November. This will be very official with content from PIRA. It will be interesting to see how it compares with Digital Solutions in October. I have an interest through the meetings at Digital Solutions organised by the Acrobat User Forum. Acrobat 6 is looking good so by the end of the year there could be a UK print industry view on whether it is mainstream.

Meanwhile Jim King from Adobe is looking back on ten years next week. The issues have not all been imagined by people in pre-press. On first look Acrobat 6 seems to be the product there should have been in the first place.

The title stays as IPEX 2002 but could mean any plausible UK event.

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