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Friday, October 31, 2003

The slides are now available in PDF format from the Acrobat User Forum presentations at the Workflow Theatre during Digital Solutions

I was invlolved in these meetings so may not have a sound perspective. My take though is that they coincide with a new stage in the UK when there are examples of aspects of PDF previously reported on the web as existing elsewhere. Actually the Defra forms will not be online till next spring.

The site at has been updated with some information on Digital Print World. This event looks more interesting as new stands are booked. Adobe will be part of a Workflow Cinema. Presumably this will be different to a Workflow Theatre with frequent requests to 'show the video please'.

It will be interesting to see if Adobe offer new information on Transit. Jaws Courier is available through a web service but Adobe seem not to say much about job ticket information. It used to be part of the PDF. There is much talk of 'document solutions' but these are intended for enterprise in general. Many print service providers are too small or medium to get much attention.

I am thinking about a longer opinion style piece on the Institute of Printing annual debate in December. They are disputing whether the print industry still needs skills. Often this reflects a view that skills are not what they used to be. If the people who create PDF are to get the same consistency of results from litho that they achieve with an email attachment there will be a need for some new skills. The print industry needs to understand support for distance learning. Also how to organise preflight and inspection while remaining polite.

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