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Saturday, January 28, 2006


According to Simon Eccles in Printweek, "this turkey has 'loser' written all over it".

26 Jan, page 26, £2.95 where you can find it.

To be fair, Simon Eccles mentions benefits of technology. Phillips Polymer Vision will ship something "not scifi" in 2007.

But the price of the Sony offer is thought to be too high at £350.

Sometimes I think that the creative professionals live in a special kind of world. Simon Eccles is impressed that Nikon have more or less announced the end of film cameras. For most amateurs digital photography arrived some time ago.

When it happened the switch away from film was faster than Kodak was expecting. Maybe something similar could occur with e-book readers.

Guy Kewney is now working in this area as an extension to reporting on mobile devices.
there are some heavy duty reports from AFAICS.

The Hunky Mouse has leaked a large extract

By the way, someone I met in the pub the other day was of the opinion that Guy Kewney was saying something very similar about twenty years ago.

Simon Eccles uses the word "balderdash" about "the same old rubbish about the end of printed books".

Maybe he has got a point but it would also be useful to think about how hard copy evolves to complement digital devices.

As memory serves, the first Sony Walkman was rather expensive but cheaper options came along later.

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