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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Every so often something happens that suggests 2002 IPEX is still a suitable place for some things. I remember towards the end of IPEX the BT speakers had aday off ill from the presentation theatre and the Adobe people got into a stride. One of their guests spoke about Acrobat for comment and markup. There was some additional programming involved. Later I discovered this was not widely taken up because the costs revolved copies of Acrobat on every desktop. Apparently the architiects found the prices ok when approving a large builing and Pfizer could afford any number of copies to speed up approval by the relevant authorities, but somehow the print industry was mostly left behind.

No sign of Adobe at Digital Print World. Artwork Systems were there though, with a Web based approval system. They charge for the server software but the browser level requires nothing but Java. Maybe 20 or 30 copies of Acrobat could be had for the same sort of price but this model makes a lot more sense if a large number of print customers are involved.

More on Digital Print World in a story for OhmyNews.

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