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Monday, October 19, 2009

The LCC Futures conference is later this week, Wednesday to Friday at the LCC, Elephant and Castle. I have made some notes from previous stories for OhmyNews. It may help to have a bit of perspective. Then a few notes from recently.

Print Morphs Into Communication 2005

John Birkenshaw (PIRA) welcomed print companies who chose descriptions such as "a full service communications consultancy" and saw the future of print as "a software based process."

Marcus Kirby from Vertis PRS mentioned "those horrible spam emails" as the part he liked least.

Adobe, Jutta Koch on what became the PDF Print Engine

Filipa de Chassey from Antenna Audio, wireless Tate Modern

Alan Sekers paid £30,000 in 1984 for a Quantel Paintbox

Adobe Skews Away From Print 2006
Adobe launch Acrobat 8, not much about JDF

Andy Pieroux suggested during the conference that Xerox would no longer use the slogan "The New Business of Printing" but switch to "The News Business of Communication."

Positive Focus promote Jaws PDF Server for knowledge workers

"One take on the Adobe marketing priorities is that print as a prospect has more or less disappeared."

London College Mixes Communication and Print 2007
Ian Lacey claims that e-learning has not been a success as hoped for.

Chris Linford spoke on problems of web copyright for creatives

Colleen Murrell from Deakin University on video journalism and iTunes University also Alan Greenberg from Apple

Martin Brown from Asset TV on a web channel

Web features in presentations from recent graduates

Show daily printed short run by Canon

LCC Conference Considers the Inevitability of the E-Book

Ian Lacey claimed that the printed book is "the last bastion of defence against hyperlinking."

Heidelberg demonstrate Anicolor

OhmyNews editors reverse my headline and sub headline-

"Heidelberg presents offset litho as digital workflow"

Background on ePUB

"Litho has improved, but these are marginal and incremental gains. In digital printing there are going to be step changes. " Robert Stabler, HP UK

Recently Adobe MAX had very little I noticed that was not about Flash, but I found one presentation about ePUB through a blog.

e-learning is still doing ok, I think. Almost not mentioned as a web aspect for learning is normal.

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