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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On the learn9 blog I am trying out the idea of A3 learning from Steve Wheeler. Anytime, anywhere, any place where place is a choice of space not just a location. there might have to be an "any device" aspect as well but I mostly assume a desktop. Mobile can come later.

I think the web as a source for learning input is fine but it almost always shifts time and place. You have to look for the common factors in the current situation and whatever you are connecting with. Other than that, things work out fine. There may be a common script or a process. Not sure about this, but a theory will clarify sometime.

So this is a bit better than just going into science fiction every so often. It is some sort of explanation for how the web seems to work. So I am going back to the idea of a print show at Earl's Court alongside the bookfair. Totally Earls Court Two or #totalEC2 is to fill out the rest of the space. I think the LCC Futures Conference is a part of this. The last time there was a Total Print Expo you had to walk all the way round to the other entrance, then up to the LCC conference. Previously you had to walk most of the way back again. Oh dear I am going back to an issue that makes no sense at all as #totalEC2 is just an online concept. But a staircase near the kit directly up to the conference is no bad thing. The LCC Futures Conference has consistently covered the issues that the printing industry needs to address. For example the name has changed so that print is part of communication. Further, the school of print and publishing has gone into either design or media. Thing is I could make out what "print and publishing" covered but both "media" and "design" seem a bit vague and not that different. Are they just aspects of any activity? there is a trend once university status is involved for subject titles to become more abstract and limited in scope. Just my opinion, this is only a blog. Also vocational topics get lost. The list of courses to be dropped includes marketing, public relations and advertising. It could be that any form of management or commercial skill is regarded as better taught somewhere else. The government pressure seems to be for specialisation in topics where a university can be in the top tier. So maybe marketing is something other than design or media. Whatever happened to the commercial artist? Dropping floral design is another thing, how can this be an academic subject?

Anyway, #totalEC2 will have a wider scope later. Starting with "what is communication as in LCC" seems enough for the next week or so.

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