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Saturday, May 15, 2010

draft story. if no updates next week this is roughly what I might discover

Probably first one around Adobe hardly being there.

They are shown as attending but no stand number. I think they have moved online. Since Macromedia they concentrate on Flash. Also I cannot find a stand for Quark. No Apple, they were not at drupa. Not sure what "pre-media" means. It could be just plates, proofing, colour management for a workflow that assumes the PDF files arrived ok from somewhere else. So all the desktop design is somewhere else from people who actually are more interested in web animation and video. 

Bit sweeping but will check out what is there.

Ghent PDF talk Tuesday 3.30. will aim to send something for OhmyNews soon after. They are definitely still concerned with PDF but looking at other formats.

Adobe in London looking at web analytics. Guardian guest speaker - not studying manroland

next story about inkjet, runlengths etc. I will wait on other sources to reach a conclusion. The IPEX 2002 blog will link to Andrew Tribute as soon as I find where he is blogging.

Digital Printer at the back wall of the HP area will have a series of online updates. Printweek are producing a show daily on Komori offset so are not entirely convinced about digital. But I think Digital Printer will have a few facts established by about day five. 

This is the Twitter IPEX. Simpler to argue than the social media IPEX or the social networking IPEX. And it seems to be true, much stuff on Twitter already including plans to meet up in weatherspoons on the first Saturday.

More later. This page will be updated. Please contact if you would like an invite to add something

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