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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am now slowing down a bit. three stories for OhmyNews not yet edited. There have been some views though but not many for the Adobe one. Maybe a story about what did not happen is a bit obscure.

Still loading video to Youtube from the Zi8. the thing is it is all in MOV format. Tried to play it in Quicktime for Windows  but it thinks it is a still picture. Can't edit in Studio or Premiere. Kodak seem to think that everyone is a Mac fan. could be true in the USA, I don't know. Why is there no format that apple could support on import but also works for the rest of us? All that Steve Jobs says about Flash could be true but actually my browser usually crashes when it has to launch Quicktime. The files are enormous and there seems to be no streaming. Usually good to watch though if I download and play them outside of a browser.

I have found some software online to convert from MOV but meanwhile I am just loading to YouTube so i can have a look. The focus starts out wrong for the first twenty or so. Then day two I discover there is a zoom. Just in time for Canon, the camera is more or less working.

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