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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This IPEX blog will be mostly about the UK. Some posts about IPEX will be in the drupa blog, for example social media and PODi.

In the UK I am interested in the Guardian as I read it most days. On the weekend the Guide appears with a central section listing events in the south of England. The page numbers are a bit confusing as there are two sequences. i suppose the middle section can be a different number of pages for different regions. Why do they not do more versions and just have one sequence of pages. I think digital printing should make this easy enough.

A couple of years ago the Guardian bought new printing kit from manroland. they spent about £500 million as memory serves. manroland will not be displaying much kit at IPEX this month, maybe because UK newspapers already have enough. But at Print City of which manroland is a major part surely they could offer some way to print inserts? They showed variable data on a page last time. I don't really have much interest in Swindon local times for films as I don't get there. Something more detailed for the Exeter side of Bristol would suit.

By the way the Exeter local newspaper is now printed in Didcot.

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