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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Charles Geschke found in the Great Lakes

Time keeps on slipping away. The most recent IPEX in the UK featured several "Champions of Print" but John Warnock and Charles Geschke were unable to attend. I got the impression from available sources that they had decided against much travel and were more or less retired. So one mystery is how they continue to be jointly chair of Adobe. Do they turn up at work very often?

A complication was that John Warnock did turn up in the UK for an honorary degree from the University of Nottingham. Maybe this was more interesting than a print show. His talk for students apparently dealt mostly with Flash and tablets, not much about hard copy.

Now through the magic of YouTube I find a video from the City Club of Cleveland. This would have been a great contribution at IPEX. The introduction recalls that Geschke was advised by his father not to go into the printing industry. But there is some continuity. The first Adobe business plan included some equipment for printing but this was dropped when the enquiries were just about software.

There were no questions about recent Adobe policy. I think there could be study of how Warnock and Geschke deal with business strategy. The decision to purchase Macromedia was an unusual move with respect to existing technology.

Now there seems to be another shift happening. This time Kevin Lynch is Chief Technology Officer but still with a focus on innovation.

Moving into the cloud with apps for tablets has some risks. My impression is that tablets are seen as close to a book or television, mostly for passive consumprion of content. There are not many examples yet of how they can be used for creaqting new work.

There is no counter information yet to my post yesterday about Adobe not beinbg at BETT 2012.

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Perhaps the trade shows in the UK will be noticed for what is not in the space as much as what can be seen. Adobe is now mostly in the cloud, rare in the UK. If Charles Geschke is still in the printing industry it is taking a new shape.

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