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Monday, March 01, 2004

Previous post about the lack of stands at drupa seems to be largely wrong.

I am now a bit hesitant about making comments on the main webpages. Seems to be ok in a blog though. The drupa site did announce that all the space had gone and I did check the list at the time. So any future text could be wrong also. At least a blog can be updated.

Adobe will be at A33 in Hall 04 and A44 in Hall 6. This seems to be close enough to both Print City and the Networked Graphic Production around Creo. At IPEX there was a small space within the Xerox area as well.

Quark will be at A28 in Hall 7. No sign yet of Microsoft or Macromedia. At Digital Print World, Olympia last year , Microsoft showed a determination to establish Publisher as mainstream for pre-press. Maybe most people at drupa already know about this.

One of the Seybold keynotes will be about how graphic design should cover web, TV and hard copy. More about this later. People I meet working on the web often use Macromedia products so this has to be part of the discussion. Maybe Macromedia only wants to reach a web audience. Freehand remains a great way to produce hard copy. PDF files seem to be quite small for one thing. This could be pointed out more often.

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