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Monday, March 01, 2004

Previous post was misleading in suggesting that Imprinta has disappeared.

Checking the site, it is just that the dates moved from 2003 to 2006.

I still think that a three year cycle for a show such as this is not the best approach for software issues. It could be annual but on a smaller scale.

So my guess is still that this coming drupa is a pivotal event. It has a very strong base in print as it has been. The online aspects are probably growing in such a way that such an event will not happen again in the same form.

See comments from Christian Gugler, Chairman of PrintCity’s Networking Activity Group. He has explained that the plans announced for drupa have "profound importance to the industry as a whole."

“Networking is far more important an issue than simply communicating small pieces of job and system data. As we look further ahead, at PrintCity we see that networking is also the essential prerequisite for structural change at a strategic level in the graphic arts industry."

“The industry must move beyond its traditional role as a creator and supplier of printed items, to become a provider of cross-media services. In that context, PrintCity’s Integration Centre and print factories show the clear paths to the future.”

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