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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Have arrived in Cologne and found the way to Dusseldorf. This is the closest I could find a hotel. Much going on here so I hope to take Saturday off.

The wonderful press office have accepted my hard copy versions of this blog and the WWW.atford site as evidence of my credentials as a journalist. So I have access to the full press release list and can join the queue for web access. This is written from a small internet cafe in Cologne. I feel less worried once I have completed the journey back. this could change over the week.

So far there has been a major presentation by Heidelberg. They fill Halls 1 and 2 and have always been a major part of drupa. The demonstration were mostly about new versions of their Speedmaster but the press releases included one on working with Adobe on PDF. Somewhere in the Heidelberg stand, probably as part of Prinect, there will be a demonstration of how to create JDF data from InDesign and Acrobat. Previously i had only heard about this as part of Print City.

Heidelberg are committed to JDF and talked about it a lot. One problem seems to be that they only show it working with their own products. In answer to questions they offered to take anyone to actual sites where other suppliers were part of the workflow, for example Agfa. But there won't be much except Heidelberg in Halls 1 and 2. So the JDF story may be more convincing in Print City and elsewhere.

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