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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Now in Koln for the day. There will be more of a report around Sunday when I'm back in Exeter.

I spent most of the time in the CIP4 JDF Parc, Hall 4. It connects to most of what is happening in other halls so you tend to go back there. Optimus and Agfa are there from Print City. Xerox has no stand as shown in the printed guide but they do several presentations. Xerox FreeFlow turns out to be largely JDF, working closely with Creo and Adobe. Whatever the plugin for creating JDF data from InDesign and7or Acrobat is called, the Xerox expectation seems to be that it will be available fairly soon. It is presented as a part of FreeFlow as if FreeFlow is current. This would suggest the plug-in could be released as such, without waiting for a new release of Creative Suite. That might be eighteen months away. Maybe the timescale depends on feedback.

Several stands within the JDF Parc show the logo for Objective Advantage. CIP4 seems to be sharing specification updates and Objective Advantage continues to support JDF. See link for Seybold Hot Pick from 2002. Sorry you will have to copy this in. There is √°dwatch´software on this machine that blocks pop-ups of any kind, even the Blogger helper. Can't remember html any more either. This may be edited next week.

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