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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stories intended for OhmyNews about Technology events mostly in the UK

Previous stories for OhmyNews have covered trade fairs etc in the UK with some reference through web links to other events. IPEX 2010 has already started as promoted so this list covers other events ahead of this. Most of the technology seems fairly stable now. I do not expect many surprises in the next nine months. The issues are about how the potential is implemented.

Print 09 Chicago

11-16 Sept

Stories could be similar to those expected for IPEX-

Heidelberg claims short runs for litho (see Total Print Expo last year)

Adobe lost in Macromedia (Postscript has vanished, concentrate on Flash)

Pre-media to scope e-books, video

"This is a web-to-print event" - Zipper

IP Expo
7-8 Oct

Includes cloud and mobile

XML possible, ahead of Online Informationm / IMS, see below

Adobe MAX

4-7 Oct

Adobe event, USA only in real time. Mostly Flash, I guess.

The Frankfurt Book Fair now includes a tech aspect

14-18 Oct

Tools of Change one day version


Also White Space from Bernd Zipper so could relate to drupa

The white space / weiss-raum blog

Expect more tech developments around e-books

Scribd ok? London publishers could still ignore it but they would be wrong

Inkjet for short run books. (could be at a print show)

London College of Communication Futures Conference

Total Print Expo has folded this year butsomething will happen at LCC

some time in October

Can i write another story for Ohmynews about the change from Print to communications? needs some better info on the changes in LCC structure.

Online Information / IMS
1-3 Dec

XML at the back as IMS. EPUB format for e-books, JDF for hard copy.
No sign of PDFXML or Adobe.

13 -18 Jan 2010

Netbooks, compare with phones. Operating Systems.

Learning technologies

27-28 Jan

Adobe appearance at an adult show

Book Fair arrives in London

19-21 Apr

Scribd ok? Yes, i think by then it should be possible to sell from UK.
If not, special lobby if they have a stand.



18-25 May

Stories see above, Chicago.

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