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Friday, September 11, 2009

This is another time travel post. Subject to revision obviously. But as of today I am working on the assumption that Adobe Classic , Postscript and PDF, has more or less gone, traded in for Macromedia or Adobe(FLSH). Print 09 has started and a Google News search finds that What They Think reports that Kodak include the PDF Print Engine in Prinergy Workflow 5.1. So it is for the equipment stands to show what PDF offers. I cannot find that there is an Adobe stand.

Meanwhile there is a press release for Adobe Story, a new script support launched at IBC in Amsterdam. More like the Flash future.

As suggested previously, if Adobe Classic is not worth promoting then the margins may be about to find a new level.

If someone reading this is in Chicago and finds an Adobe stand please add a comment. Obviously I am just guessing from a distance.

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