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Monday, November 23, 2009

Now back in Exeter. Can access Adobe sites by getting past the Flash intro. I did not make it up about the problems over the last couple of weeks. It really was the case that most sites were ok but Adobe impossible to access. Deep in the Lake District the caravan site had enough wifi to access Gmail. Crows in Lancaster was fine for Twitter. But in both cases the wonderful video on the Adobe front page is just a chance to freeze and fall over. Close application, start again.

Obviously this is my fault. We should all get enough bandwidth for the Adobe future of video and animated pages. Or maybe not. Maybe Adobe should have some way of communicating with a range of devices.

So back to the e-book. Cannot find much more as it happens. Once you get to the list of Adobe press releases it is mostly about Google support for video standards, things like that. Searching on Google blogsearch finds the Read Write Web linking to an Adobe blog.

Adobe Expanding Investment in Digital Publishing

As part of a restructuring announced yesterday, Adobe has made the decision to expand its investment in digital publishing, creating a new organization focused on delivering products to increase digital revenue opportunities for book, newspaper and magazine publishers. This organization will combine the efforts of Adobe's eBook business responsible for the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, Adobe Content Server, Adobe Digital Editions, and PDF and EPUB authoring support in Adobe InDesign with Adobe's digital newspaper and magazine efforts responsible for, among other products, the collaboration with the New York Times to create the AIR-based Times Reader 2.0.

The decision to increase investment in this area underscores the importance that Adobe has always given to digital publishing as well as the bright future it sees in helping publishers to deliver compelling digital publications that support a variety of business models: subscription, advertising, retail and other emerging models. We are particularly excited about what we have in store for 2010. We plan to further our reach to emerging mobile reading platforms to allow readers to read anywhere, on any device. With Adobe's acquisition of Omniture, we will help publishers measure and understand how their readership interacts with and uses their content. But, most of all, we will continue to deliver products that make digital books, newspapers and magazines a terrific experience for readers.

We look forward to working with our existing customers and business partners and welcome any new inquiries as we continue our progress in digital publishing.

So what I now think is that the statements in the Teleread blog were based on another blog. Now obviously I have great respect for blogs as a source but I also notice that there is nothing about the e-book in the official Adobe messaging machine. The MARS project for XML in PDF has been largely based on a blog and where is that going?

I also got to the Events page on the UK Adobe site and find there is nothing yet about Online Information although it appears there will be an Adobe stand or booth. notice this is not called the Online Video and Animation Show though information takes many forms. Don't get me wrong. I am open to being told about Flash. But I start with an interest in Adobe Classic, defined flat pages including text. So that will be my starting point. Any link suggestions welcome to find some info.

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