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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have found out a bit more about Media Week. The logo includes the web address. Previously i thought Brand Republic was the most web sensitive aspect of Haymarket. But it is Media week that blogger Jo Francis links to when looking for a report on the iPad.

Just possibly there may be less demand for print if the iPad works out. That is the view from Media Week. Previously doubts were raised about the future of a paperless UK government. Gordon Brown is not always convincing, especially when there is no obvious policy on how broadband will reach the whole of the UK. But if Media Week takes a view then Printweek cannot be too dissenting. You might think.

I have put a comment on the Jo Francis blog linking to Alan Rusbridger in the Observer. He too has been thinking about the iPad and appears to consider 30% cost savings for the Guardian if every reader would accept digital delivery.

Will it transform newspaper finances? The Knight Ridder team worked on the assumption that it would – but only if you switched off the printing presses. Around 30% of the cost of a newspaper operation is tied up in the faintly Victorian industrial process of print, paper, trains, lorries, shops and – where they still exist — paperboys/girls.

The Knight Rider reference is back to Roger Fiddler and work from fifteen years ago. I came across this through the book Media Big Bang, published in Korea. It was given away for review during the first OhmyNews conference on citizen journalism. UK broadband is now just about where Korea was when Tackwhan Kim and Sangbok Lee were writing. It will be interesting to see how Haymarket works out a balance on print and Web ( OhmyNews house style by the way for the Web to start with a capital letter). I have started to follow both Printweek and Media Week on Twitter.

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