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Monday, April 12, 2010

It seems to me that CS5 is the end of Adobe Classic. More or less Macromedia in the case of CS5. Flash distribution assumed almost all of the time. I checked with the product timeline and it was the case that for the two previous Creative Suites there was a version of Acrobat just before the CS release. This time around the print production is not the issue. Acobat 10 looks as if it will coincide with web services of some kind towards the end of the year.

More surprising for me was the lack of mention of EPUB or the Reader for eBooks in the launch. Buzzword is pretty good as a way to create EPUB. My guess is that InDesign may not be really suited to the text structures required. Previous versions seemed not to be very prioritised on this. It may be possible but I guess InDesign is now intended for moving pages to Flash, showing off video etc.

There is a cost to CS5, rather high in Europe. Perhaps there will be some energy for looking at cheaper ways to cope with XML, PDF, EPUB, plain text and all the stuff Adobe is no longer interested in. CS5 will still be there when the Apple crowd have worked out what to do with Flash.

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