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Monday, May 24, 2010

IPEX 2010 marks the end of Adobe Classic as a marketing priority.
Google I / O focus for mobile Flash

Through PrintersLounge on Twitter I have found a story on the Printweek website - Adobe launch cements 'commitment to print'.. 
Adobe senior product manager Mark Lewiecki said that any suggestion that the US software giant was losing interest in the sector (following the closure of its Adobe print partner programme) was nonsense.
However, it is obvious to me that the Adobe priority for this IPEX was much lower than on any previous occasion. I think a new version of the PDF Print Engine is a major occasion. I do have access to the press area for IPEX so noticed that hard copy of a press release did not appear till the second day. Actually the paper was described as a "media alert" and I could not find it on the Adobe press release website. I heard about the 2.5 release through the FujiFilm stand where Mark Lewiecki speaks at 4.15 each day. As far as i know that is the full extent of Adobe presence at IPEX for public access.

John Warnock and Charles Geschke were announced as Champions of Print for IPEX 2010 but were not able to attend the opening ceremony. There was nothing about IPEX I could find on the events page of the UK website ahead of the event.

I found the presentation about the Print Engine very interesting and am not trying to criticise the contribution from Mark  Lewiecki. But I think it has to be recognised that Adobe priorities have changed. Most of the messaging has been about Google I/O and Flash on mobiles. IPEX started on May 18th. The Tweet from Adobe with the information that there is no Adobe stand  is dated May 21st, copied to Adobe UK.

It seems that the decision to purchase  Macromedia was based on a view of the classic Adobe products and the sense of continuing to promote them. this is interesting as Warnock and Geschke continue although the Chief Technology Officer is Kevin Lynch. There are not many examples of senior management switching technology away from the base they were themselves involved in. There is an element of speculation in this but this is just a blog. There is clearly a change in Adobe priorities and from the UK, IPEX 2010 seems like a moment to clarify this.

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