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Monday, May 24, 2010

IPEX Print Show Zooms Social Video
Twitter Followers Too Busy For Wetherspoons

At IPEX Frank Romano spoke about the future of print as just one part of communications. I know this because Kodak recorded a video and put it online. Kodak supported video to the extent of giving away cameras at their press conference. They see Social Media as important and cameras as a large part of this.

Previously Andrew Tribute has contributed to a text blog for Xerox In the Balance or what They Think or even for Attributes>/a>

At this IPEX he is doing a series of interviews as video for WhatTheyThink. The link is to one on Heidelberg. Can't find any embed code but I think a link is ok. One thing I discovered at IPEX is that What They Think is only online. No hard copy at all. Never would have guessed.

Printspeak have a range of video online, currently featuring an interview with Trevor Crawford, event director of IPEX.

Oce TV have the basis of a studio on the stand. There is space for an audience and some large screens to expand the pictures. They post everything to YouTube including this interview with Andy Tribute. It may be surprising that he thinks this is an Inkjet IPEX, not the social video IPEX. But he explains that more of his journalism is on video.

Printweek are also including video in their media mix. Matt Whip was part of the panel for a discussion in the Kodak K Zone

There was not as much space for a studio on the Printweek stand. They did have to fit in an editorial office and production for the IPEX daily. But there are several videos on the website.

There is a lot more to come. YouTube has a lot of choices from other sources if you start with the links above. Canon has a policy on social media but I have yet to find the video. Perhaps by the time of drupa they will become followers of Kodak and give away some cameras to the bloggers.

I will be loading more of my own video soon, even the low quality ones. At the opening ceremony it was explained to me that there is a choice of focus. It took till day two to realise there is a zoom. But clearly social video can only get better.

The Twitter feed on IPEX has been getting stronger but I am not sure the #Tweetpex meeting on Saturday was as well supported as it might have been. Several Tweets about having missed it or not being sure where the Wetherspoons was. I was back in Exeter by then and tried to arrange something similar in support. Just the two of us as it turned out. Maybe something will happen later.

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