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Saturday, April 13, 2002

Adobe are convinced about Network Publishing. Some people have thought about it as just a useful marketing phrase but it seems the concepts have to be considered to explain Adobe decisions.

Not long ago Adobe drew attention to support for InDesign from Agfa, Creo and Heidelberg. Now at IPEX they concentrate on connecting with digital solutions from IBM, HP and Xerox. On the Apple stand they explain how InDesign is suited fro eBooks.

Although Adobe were one of the 'big four' that defined the Job Definition Format, there appeared to be no Adobe representation during the seminars and press briefing arranged by CIP4. This was the first CIP4 event at IPEX. It may be that given the potential of streaming media and server software, print is no longer a high priority.

Network Publishing is supposed to describe wave three of something that has already included the internet in the 90s and started with desktop publishuing in the 80s.

If the products that started with desktop publishing in the mid-80s are now mature and need little support or explanation, then it follows that they should soon be dropping in price. The 'collections' have started this direction but unfortunately four products are not enough. Another problem is that Adobe have not included Acrobat in the web collection, a really strange decision given that epaper is one area they can compete with Macromedia.

Currently a sensible solutioin for someone starting from scratch could be to buy the design collection and then buy Flash and Dreamweaver. Of course most people already have one or more of the mix but this is not reflected in an upgrade price.

To includes six products might put the cost of a collection over the £1000 price point initially. However the current price for Quark 5 is higher than that so there is some scope. "Six Adobe products for the price of one from Quark" could be an attractive proposition, especially with upgrade options for people who have some of them already.

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