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Saturday, April 13, 2002

Gareth Ward from Dotprint was quoted during the CIP4 meeting-

"Some will be able to remember back to Ipex 88, which was the PostScript Ipex. At that show, miracle upon miracle, PostScript Rips could manage to process the Adobe Lady Golfer in 20 minutes, or 18 minutes, such was the competition. Many old heads would shake and declare that PostScript was not really suitable for the printing industry.

Those old timers lost their heads in the revolution which followed as those that doubt that JDF will have as profound an impact on the industry are the next in line for the guillotine.

JDF may not happen in the next year, not even in two years. But I guarantee by the time Ipex 2006 comes around, JDF will have permeated the industry to such an extent that we will not even be concerned about it.

Where will I be heading to find out about JDF? First and foremost there is PrintCity whose whole concept is that of linking disparate equipment from different sectors of the business into a single workflow."

Follow this link for the full text
You may skip the first bit where Dotprint has slipped into chat mode and deals with contested memories of obscure facts from previous print history, such as who paid for the drinks.

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